Salman Khan  Wallpaper

Image by News Masaala via Flickr

Salman Khan who is not used to stay alone is feeling lonely these days after the surgery.

“There’s not much to do here but I have to rest at least a week more before I head to London for a few days to chill out before heading to Dublin to shoot for Ek Tha Tiger. Then straight to apni Mumbai, apna Bandra,” said Salman, his spirits suddenly lifting at the thought of being back home soon.

While the operation for the nerve problem has been a success, it’s not as if he’s fit enough to do somersaults right away. “It will take time and management. The medical thing is a little more complicated than we initially assumed. The doctors have detected an aneurysm, so I might have to be back for another procedure around January,” revealed the actor.

Talking about his health, Salman continued, “A successful operation does not mean I will be fit to do just about anything yet. Thoda time lagega. I have to take it slow now. I have to take care of my health.”

A little unhappy with all the attention his US visit drew back home, Salman said, “They made it sound like I was never going to return home. Main vapas aaonga. I will be back soon.”

Meanwhile, the success of Bodyguard in India as well as in the overseas market is surely helping him keep his mind off the physical problems. But Salman is baffled with the way some people seem to be taking potshots at it. “I’ve been hearing that people have said they don’t like it, it’s not that good a film. But it’s doing well and that’s what counts. I can’t understand who these people are.