Indian actor Salman Khan

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It certainly would have been impossible to imagine those five years ago that the superstars do not make their appearance on the big screen. However, today, the filmmakers play it smart. Identify the proper know who has the potential to attract the right audience; they use the ordinary channels of entertainment (GECS) to promote their films.

Filmmaker and actress Dia Mirza spoke on her choice of Ram Milayi Jodi for promotion of her upcoming film Love,Breakup…Zindagi said “The premise of Ram Milaayi Jodi is about how opposites attract. That resonates very well with the concept of our film. Besides, I’d watched the promos of RMJ and found the show positive and ideal to promote my film.”

Together with all the major reality shows, bodyguard Sallu was promoted Laad Naa Aana Iss Des and Pavitra Rishta. Kareena Kapoor was also the aspect Pavitra Rishta.

TV actors to take this opportunity to appear with celebrities from the small screen. Meghna Malik has learned to share screen space with Salman Khan unveiled “It was a fabulous experience sharing screen space with Salman. The fact that his character Lovely Singh, in the scene comes to rescue my character made it more special.” Ankita Lokhande, on sharing screen space with Kareena expresses her happiness in words like, “It was delightful to share screen space with the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor.”

Television producers believe that the appearance of celebrities in TV outputs as symbiotic with him the film and the benefit of the television.

Producer Rajan Shahi says, “”Film promotion in TV soaps is the GEC’s call. Since TV, soaps have huge audience base so it reaches the target segment. Films get benefit of exposure and film stars’ appearance helps creating buzz about the particular episode in which the film stars appear.”

However, the fact that the appearance of a well-woven story, and does not seem “forced” is something that producers are wary.