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Indian actor Salman Khan

Image via Wikipedia : Salman Khan

He is not here just to make the dialogues, but also to match their words.

 “Ek baar commitment den eke baad toh mein khudh ki bhi nahi suntan”

The man of his word, Salman Khan is a hero in the truest sense. Salman Khan is back in Mumbai to meet its obligations with Bigg Boss team.

Apparently, there was news that Salman does not host Bigg Boss because it was 5 undergoing major surgery. Now, Salman has been shown to be completely wrong and is back after major surgery.

The actor returned to Mumbai on the night in late September 27, 2011. The actor is now responsible for receiving Bigg Boss season in five years with his friend Sanjay Dutt.

Salman will also travel to Karjat for the shooting of the reality show during the weekend when the Bigg Boss house has been created.